Digital Encode is a leading consulting and integration firm founded in 2003 that specializes in the design, management, and security of business - critical networks, telecommunications environments and other Information Technology (IT) infrastructures. Recognized in the industry for its vendor independent perspective, the firm’s expertise lies in solving multifaceted, complex enterprise network security and audit problems.

 The challenge

At Digital Encode, technology serves two purposes: to save money and solve a problem, as a result we are always looking for software that encompasses both of these elements. Furthermore, Digital Encode’s unique methodology is rooted in the concept that a company should run its IT organization as a business and therefore understand the importance of discovering and solving device vulnerabilities. However, the manual auditing of networks made up of hundreds of devices can be an expensive and lengthy process.

 The solution

Nipper allows us to audit network devices, not only by flagging the security problems but also recommending solutions, and as a result has absolutely saved us both time and money. Nipper is a breakthrough tool in the field of network security and the reports that Nipper produces are straight forward and easy to comprehend. Nipper meets all our expectations and surpasses them!

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Their business benefit

Using Nipper has help reduce the manual method of auditing

Using Nipper has saved us a lot of money and time

Has helped us to solve the security issues in our organization

From Titania ... we are happy to announce that the Digital Encode Team were so pleased with Nipper, that they decided to promote and sell the product themselves and have become our official reselling partner in Nigeria.