Delivering the accuracy in configuration assessment that is critical to network security

Nipper’s accuracy-advantage and trusted risk criticality rating make it a must-have tool for cyber leaders focussed on establishing a defendable network through effective:

Supporting CNI security and compliance missions for more than 10 years, Nipper's unrivalled accuracy is achieved by virtually modelling a device configuration as a single entity to consider interdependencies in the network. It is proven to reduce audit times by up to 80% as a result of not wasting time investigating false positives.

From on-demand to continuous configuration assessment

On-demand security and compliance audits and assurance

Nipper accurately audits firewalls, switches and routers, with the out-of-the-box evidence needed to assure compliance with Risk Management Frameworks including DISA RMF, NIST 800-53/171, STIG, CMMC and PCI. Output the findings as an easy-to-read report, or a JSON for integration with SIEM, GRC and other data visualization systems.

The software provides risk remediation advice and exact technical fixes for misconfigurations, to support and accelerate the process of becoming secure and compliant.


Continuous misconfiguration detection and response

Leveraging Nipper’s proven accuracy, risk prioritization and remediation recommendation advantages, Nipper Enterprise accurately assesses the security risk posture of up to 300,000 firewalls, routers and switches from manufacturers including Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper and Palo Alto.

Integrations with trusted SIEM, ITSM and SOAR tools enables a snapshot of RMF posture assurance as well as continuous RMF monitoring of the actual state of network configuration - prioritized by network security risk criticality.


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Network Exploitation Expertise - Automated

Designed by a renowned pentester, the Nipper engine automates accurate line-by-line configuration analysis against Risk Management Frameworks, including Nipper’s Security Audit, which combines vendor configuration management best practice with pentesting checks for exploitable vulnerabilities.

Nipper’s high-fidelity findings are then automatically prioritized according to Titania’s proprietary criticality rating for the network, and to further support SOC and NOC resources with a risk-focussed approach to mitigation – now provides real-time visibility of the 22 Critical Risks on a network that could result in compromise to data confidentiality, integrity or availability (CIA).

Trusted Nipper Security RMF and Risk Criticality Rating

We work with major Switch, Router, Firewall, SD-WAN, SDN and NFV providers to ensure interoperability in your environment.


Improve MTTR by integrating Nipper’s high-fidelity, prioritized findings into your GRC, SIEM, SOAR, and ITSM solutions.


With a wide range of risk management frameworks and security standards including DISA RMF, DHS CDM, NIST, CMMC, PCI and CIS.

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