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Nipper Studio

Harden your Firewalls, Switches & Routers with Automated Configuration Auditing

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Titania Security Software Solutions

Generate Advanced Security & Compliance Reports in Seconds Using the Most Detailed Configuration Auditing Tools in the World 

Paws Studio Box

Paws Studio

Do You Want to Harden Your Workstations & Servers Against Attack & Become Compliant?

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Know Your Risks

Find Exploitable Network Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Do with our Detailed Reports

"The audit reporting style is professional, intuitive and simple"

7G Technologies


Harden Your Networks

Plug Your Network Security Holes with our Mitigation Advice 

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A Bank’s Brush with Cyber Destruction

Titania Marketing Coordinator, Alina Stancu talks about automation, security and tough decisions

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Cyber Essentials: Protect Your Business

A Government-backed scheme to guide businesses in protecting themselves against cyber threats

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Cybersecurity: What the US can teach Europe

In this FCW article, Edwin Bentley discusses the different approaches to cyber security between the U.S. and Europe

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Today’s CIO: Network Security is in the Details

In this Star Wars inspired article, Ian Whiting demonstrates the importance of Cyber Security

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