Our Products

Nipper Studio

Network Security Software

Produce security audit & configuration audit reports on firewalls, switches & routers to help maintain an expert level of network security.

Paws Studio

Compliance Software

Produce a compliance audit report for servers, workstations & laptops, using your own audit checklist or a pre-defined compliance policy.

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What Our Customers Say

It was Refreshing to Discover Nipper Studio!

Nipper enables Cisco to test devices in a fraction of the time it would normally take to perform a manual audit. For many devices it has eliminated the need for a manual audit altogether.

- Cisco Systems Inc.

Nipper Meets All of Our Expectations and Surpasses Them!

Nipper is a breakthrough tool in the field of network security and the reports that Nipper produces are straight forward and easy to comprehend. Nipper meets all of our expectations and surpasses them!

- Digital Encode

A Great Product!

We were amazed at how quickly Nipper provided reports and the results needed to enable testing of the X-Series hardware platform. A great product!

- Crossbeam Systems Inc.

Our Customers