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Nipper Product Overview

Delivering security from compliance - Automating accurate, on-demand router, switch and firewall configuration security assessments with Nipper

Organizations increasingly rely on compliance standards to strengthen their security posture and to protect their networks, customers and supply chains. Failure to assess network infrastructure configurations against trusted risk management frameworks and hardening guides makes networks more vulnerable to breaches - as misconfigurations provide threat actors with known pathways to alter configurations and scale attacks.

Non-compliance with mandated controls can also lead to contract losses, reputational damage and even lawsuits. So, it is imperative that assessors have the capability to accurately assess and effectively evidence network security and compliance across routers, switches and firewalls, with:

  • Automated security checks mapped to control standards & RMFs,
  • Pass/fail evidence for each network check, and
  • Prioritized remediation for the most critical non-compliances.

Which is why internal and third-party assessors across federal and defense agencies and supply chains, global telcos, multinational financial institutions, utility providers and the retail sector choose Titania’s accurate network configuration assessment software - Nipper.

Download the Product Overview for more information on key features and benefits.

Download the product overview