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Continuous compliance at scale

FISMA Compliance

Demonstrate FISMA compliance with misconfiguration detection and critical risk remediation prioritization

An increasingly connected world means federal agencies and their contractors collect and process huge amounts of sensitive data. A breach within these networks has the potential to cause significant damage to information infrastructure and is a threat to national security.

To strengthen cybersecurity defenses, FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) now not only applies to federal information systems and networks but also covers information assets that are processed or managed by government contractors and subcontractors too.

Our accurate network configuration assessment software enables organizations to establish a defendable and compliant network with risk detection and remediation at scale.

ICON - Configuration Drift Monitoring - Enterprise

Assess for configuration drift

Gain immediate awareness of any device configuration changes, providing assurance that planned network changes have not created new vulnerabilities as well as alerting to unplanned changes

ICON - Evidence-based compliance - Enterprise

Validate compliance with evidence

Accurately automate RMF testing procedures relating to network devices, providing pass/fail evidence of compliance in assessor-ready reports.

ICON - Software Vulnerability Management - Enterprise

Prioritize risk for remediation

Prioritize vulnerabilities according to network criticality and mitigate with remediation guidance, improving both MTTD and MTTR.


Research Report

This study reveals that an average of 51 network device misconfigurations were discovered in a two-year period with 4% deemed to be critical vulnerabilities that could take down the network within the U.S. Federal Government.


Evidence Compliance with FISMA Controls

Where a security benchmark or RMF control is deemed to have been met, specific information on the test(s) performed to reach this conclusion is provided.

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Analyze Exposure due to Misconfiguration Risks

By virtually modeling and analyzing the entire configuration as a single entity, Nipper solutions assess where the actual configuration differs from the desired state and the risk it poses to the network.

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Prioritize Remediation of Exploitable Risks

View assessment findings through a range of security and compliance lenses and risk rating systems to determine which software vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to fix first, to demonstrably strengthen security and/or compliance posture.

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Minimize the Attack Surface

Identify and address configuration drift as it occurs, minimizing the attack surface and limiting the scope of breach in the event of an attack.

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Deliver Security from FISMA Compliance

Automate an accurate, timely, and scalable approach to FISMA compliance, ensuring proactive security as key to protecting the network from preventable attacks.

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Continuous Network Security &
Compliance, at Scale

Nipper Enterprise delivers fast, accurate visibility of network configuration posture at scale to ensure ongoing compliance in accordance with RMFs, compliance standards and security controls.

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Looking for continuous configuration assessment to:

  • Evidence compliance with cybersecurity controls and RMFs?

  • Minimize your attack surface?

  • Validate the security of every router, switch and firewall, everyday?