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Public College, Canada

This public college in Canada has approximately 7,300 students enrolled in multiple campuses, and offers a three-year curriculum in computer science with programming and networking specialization. In networking, students are able to install, configure, manage and support workstations, servers and networking equipment. They are also able to produce security audits and secure servers and networks.

The Challenge

Why did the college decide that it would be beneficial to demonstrate Nipper to their classes?

Our networking curricula includes two computer security courses: Network surveillance and Network security. The former is more oriented in network supervision, network sniffing, log audit and surveillance tools. The latter is more attack and defence focused and looks at auditing systems, detecting vulnerabilities and using IDS and IPS.

Nipper is a great help for audit and vulnerability reports. It is flexible and can be used with a large variety of equipment (routers, switches, firewalls etc.) from various manufacturers.

The Solution

How does the college use Nipper for Training purposes?

Students will be able to use Nipper in more than our two security courses. We will also be able to use it in our networking course that introduces security to second-year students. It will also be integrated by the students in their last semester with a full implementation in their final project.

The Business Benefit

Nipper provides a comprehensive network auditing tool. The reports are detailed, and a large number of devices are supported, including the ones used in our curriculum.

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