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Configuration security & compliance at scale

STIG Compliance

Assure configurations and evidence STIG compliance with automated pass/fail reporting

Configuration Security: Evidence-based STIG Compliance

STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) requirements are in place to strengthen the resilience of government networks against attacks and outages. Organizations must demonstrate a robust process for checking and updating their networks’ security continuously.

Nipper solutions automate the process of detecting configuration changes and provide evidence of STIG compliance with specific information on the test(s) performed to reach this conclusion is provided.

ICON - Proactive Audits - Enterprise

Continuously validate configurations

Gain immediate awareness of any device configuration changes, providing assurance that planned network changes have not created new vulnerabilities as well as alerting to unplanned changes.

ICON - Evidence-based compliance - Enterprise

Evidence security and compliance assurance

Where security benchmarks are pass/failed, specific information on tests performed to reach these conclusions is provided for, up to 96% of Cisco NDM STIG checks, 60% of Cisco RTR STIG checks and 49 NIST SP 800-53 controls, across 8 control families via STIG CCIs, NVD and Titania Security Audit.

ICON - Software Vulnerability Management - Enterprise

Prioritize risk for remediation

Prioritize risk by network criticality and receive device-specific guidance on how to fix misconfigurations, informing POAMs (Plan of Action and Milestones) and decreasing remediation time.


Configuration Security Fundamentals

Stopping configuration drift before it compromises.

Federal agencies face several challenges as they transition towards Zero Trust. Recent research highlights the current approach to configuration security is a major one.


Check Against the Latest STIG Requirements

STIGs are updated regularly, automating STIG audits saves valuable time and reduces the resources required to achieve, evidence and maintain a secure and compliant environment.

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Automate Assessor-ready Reporting

Simplify STIG compliance reporting. Accurately report whether configurations pass/fail to comply with RMF controls and security standards, and drill down to the detail of the check performed.

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Prioritize Remediation of Exploitable Risks

Network vulnerabilities are prioritized according to network criticality with mitigation advice to inform remediation workflows, informing POAMs and allowing you to fix STIG non-compliances in a risk-prioritized order.

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Accelerate Compliance with Remediation Recommendations

Risk remediation advice and exact technical fixes for misconfigurations to support and accelerate the process of becoming secure and compliant.

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Minimize Network Infrastructure Attack Surface

Minimize the network infrastructure attack surface with MITRE ATT&CK® misconfiguration prioritization. Nipper Enterprise provides mapping to 10 of 11 MITRE ATT&CK Network tactics.

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Continuous Security & Compliance, at Scale

Nipper Enterprise delivers fast, accurate visibility of network configuration posture at scale to ensure ongoing compliance in accordance with the latest STIG requirements.

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 State sponsored attacks exploit publicly known vulnerabilities. Early detection of such attacks is vital.

State sponsored attacks exploit publicly known vulnerabilities. Early detection of such attacks is vital.

What is Zero Trust and how can it be achieved?
Technical Brief

What is Zero Trust and how can it be achieved?


Looking for continuous configuration assessment to:

  • Evidence compliance with the latest STIG requirements

  • Meet Zero Trust architecture objectives

  • Validate the security of every router, switch and firewall, everyday?