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See how our software can accurately detect and remediate exploitable misconfigurations in your network.

Continuous security & compliance assurance with Nipper Enterprise

Deployed by Security Operation Centers to assure the security and compliance posture of network infrastructure, Nipper Enterprise also adds a transformative proactive security layer to the Network Operation Center tech stack.

Security Assessment | RMF Assurance | Critical Risk Remediation


On-demand security & compliance assessments by Nipper 

Internal auditors, external assessors and pentesters choose Nipper to quickly verify configurations are secure and/or meet regulatory compliance standards, reducing their audit times by up to 80%.

Audits: Routers | Switches | Firewalls

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"With Titania on the case, organisations have no excuses for failing to audit their critical network devices. Nipper is easy to use, very affordable and its sophisticated reporting will make regulatory compliance a breeze" - Computing Security