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Inside Out

Computing Security  •   July 15, 2024
Insider threats hit more than 34% of companies worldwide every year. Unless organisations come up with a clear and feasible action plan that figure looks as if it will only get worse...

The Right Technology for the Job

Security Magazine  •   July 11, 2024
As technology moves forward at seemingly break-neck speed — and as bad actors invent new ways to attempt to thwart it — companies are showing an increased willingness to invest in more solutions for both physical and cybersecurity needs.

Living off the land in a victim’s network

Security Magazine  •   May 31, 2024
 With a growing cyber threat posed by Chinese state-sponsored hackers, particularly Volt Typhoon, to U.S. critical national infrastructure, Matt Marlarky, VP, Strategic Alliances at Titania, highlights the use of ‘living off the land’ (LOTL) tactics, which involve using built-in network tools to remain undetected, and emphasizes the importance of continuous monitoring and hardening network infrastructure to prevent and limit such threats.

Insider Threats

Computing Security  •   April 22, 2024
Insider threats hit more than 34% of companies worldwide every year. Ian Robinson, Chief Architect, discusses how to mitigate against some of the risks. 

US National Cybersecurity Strategy: Businesses, Let’s Start with Disclosure!

The Cyber Express  •   March 15, 2024

Should businesses be concerned about the new US cybersecurity strategy? Aimed at safeguarding the country's digital infrastructure from escalating cyber threats, the strategy includes a range of initiatives. Find out more and what Matt Malarkey, VP, Strategic Alliances at Titania thinks in this article. 

Uncertainty the only certainty

Computing Security  •   March 6, 2024
With 2024 well underway, how it is likely to pan out for the security industry is a matter of certainty, conjecture, opinion and guesswork. Titania's Chief Architect, Ian Robinson, gives his thoughts on what lies ahead.

Underrated Incident Prevention Methods in Cyber Risk Management

The Cyber Express  •   February 26, 2024

Determining which threats pose a real cyber risk to the business, based on attack surface posture at any given time, is fast becoming the only way to get ahead. Phil Lewis, CEO breaks down the key strategies to proactively defend your business from cyberattacks.

Titania launches evidence-based PCI DSS 4.0 Compliance Reporting

Security Info Watch  •   November 7, 2023
Automating ready-mapped network device checks, with drill-down access to testing procedures, the compliance report demonstrates how routers, switches and firewalls ‘pass or fail’ to meet relevant PCI DSS 4.0 requirements.

Protect and Prosper

Computing Security  •   September 26, 2023
Titania’s Chief Architect, Ian Robinson, provides comment on protecting critical assets with Zero Trust segmentation. 

Human voice grows louder

Computing Security  •   June 1, 2023
Burnout has made its way into the cybersecurity industry, but little is being done to address the attrition it causes, states Gartner. Claire Clark, VP Engineering and Operations, Titania looks at what can be done to counteract this issue.

‘Standards are no longer voluntary’

The Cyber Express   •   May 1, 2023
Titania’s Matt Malarkey shares his experience and insights about the US National Cybersecurity Strategy with The Cyber Express Editor-in-Chief Augustin Kurian in this podcast.

Why shutting-down compliance risks in FI networks is a persistent challenge

Payments Next   •   May 1, 2023
Banking and finance organizations, with complex networks, large customer bases and highly desirable data, are prime targets for threat actors. But being a mark is one thing; being susceptible is another. Phil Lewis, CEO Titania, discusses the persistence challenge of compliance risk in FI networks.

8 Pioneering Women in Software Engineering and Security

CC Group  •   March 1, 2023
As part of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month celebrations, this article spotlights women that have made and are making significant contributions in two male-dominated industries: software engineering and cybersecurity.

The risk of misconfiguration

CyberWire Daily Podcast  •   November 1, 2022
OpenSSL patched today. The risk of misconfiguration. Cyberespionage (and the risk of mixing the personal with the official). Assistance for Ukraine's cyber defense. And a quick look at DNS threats.

Employees Are ‘Not the Enemy’

Computing Security Magazine  •   September 1, 2022

Human error is one of the biggest network risks businesses face. Matt Malarkey, Titania VP Strategic Alliances, shares his insight into how the adoption of zero trust can help keep networks secure.

The impact of exploitable misconfigurations on network security

Hosting Journalist  •   August 13, 2022

Exploitable misconfigurations cost businesses 9% of their annual revenue on average, although the real cost is probably higher, according to a study commissioned by network security provider Titania and conducted by independent B2B research specialist, Coleman Parkes.

Report uncovers the cost of network misconfigurations

Digitalisation World  •   August 11, 2022

Titania, specialist in accurate network security and compliance assessments and risk remediation software, has launched a new independent research report that uncovers the impact of exploitable misconfigurations on network security.

New Report Reveals Network Misconfigurations Cost Organizations 9% of Annual Revenue

IT Tech Post   •   August 10, 2022

Network professionals are confident in their security and compliance procedures, according to the study "The impact of exploitable misconfigurations on network security," but data shows that they may also be leaving their organizations vulnerable, which is costing them a significant amount of money.

Best practices for complying with PCI DSS 4.0

Security Info Watch  •   May 13, 2022

Titania CEO, Phil Lewis, discusses how new standards for PCI DSS 4.0 are intended to promote security as a continual practice, not an annual checklist event.

Ransomware now a global menace

Computing Security  •   March 1, 2022

With ransomware branded ‘a rising global threat’. What steps should organizations take to protect themselves?

Three network security principles for businesses to adopt in 2022

Security Magazine  •   February 15, 2022

How can businesses protect their assets from cybercriminals in 2022? Perimeter-only defenses will no longer be fit for purpose in the next year, Here we look at three principles that will help businesses protect their networks.

Cyber threats in 2022 run the gamut of risk  •   January 11, 2022

Myriad cyber and physical threats are all pounding at the doors of most organizations like barbarians at the gates, Steve Lasky looks at what's in store for 2022.

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