AAA Technologies is a premiere independent auditing and consulting company in the area of IS Audit Information Security, IT assurance & Compliance, IT Governance and has been providing these services since 2000. AAA Technologies provide these services to global organisations and have used Nipper Studio as part of this service. We have included an example of a clie nt with whom using Nipper Studio has been successful.

 The challenge

The Bank wanted to make sure that their networks were secure, robust and resilient against both internal and external cyber - attacks and had previously carried out penetration tests from a reputed auditing agency. Despite this, the top management of the bank was not confident of their network’s resilience against attacks and needed a way to sustain a high level of network security. The organisation dealt with extensive amounts of classified and customer information, therefore it was imperative that their systems remained secure. However, with hundreds of devices, the manual auditing of their network can be an expensive and lengthy process.

 The solution

Nipper Studio allowed us to perform high level audits on their network devices, not only by flagging the security problems but by recommending solutions and a mitigation plan. Furthermore, Nipper Studio generates an advanced and detailed report on hundreds of devices in seconds and these reports are not only thorough but easy to action. Therefore, the bank could make sure that their networks stayed secure in the intervals between manual testing at a fraction of the time and cost.

Their business benefit

Using Nipper Studio has helped the bank to maintain a high level of network security within their organisation.

Using Nipper Studio has reduced the need for manual testing.

Using Nipper Studio has saved us and our clients time and money.