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Accurately and intelligently determine how compliant you are against STIGs.

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Federal agencies, and suppliers to governments around the world, are having to contend with complying with multiple regulations - including NIST Cyber Security Framework, CIS, DISA RMF, PCI DSS etc.

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As financial gain continues to be the top motive for cyber-attacks, it's no surprise that financial institutions and banking institutions are continually at risk of such attacks.


Billions of people worldwide trust you to protect their financial data, check against PCI DSS compliance and best practice security standards.

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With industry bodies reporting that as many as 60% of members had experienced a cybersecurity incident in 2019 – resulting in financial loss or disruption to business - cybersecurity is high on the agenda for all manufacturing businesses.


Telco CISOs are now responsible for building cyber resilience as well as managing the cyber risk agenda, and co-ordinating cyber incident response capabilities to limit the impact of interruption of business.

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As the global energy and utilities market becomes more connected to next generation, digital technologies and networks, exposure to cyber-attacks and security breaches increases.

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System Integrators

Titania software is proven to deliver automated cyber hygiene checks daily, and at scale, enabling you to defend the networks you are responsible for, making them more resilient to attacks.

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To comply with new regulatory and governance procedures, healthcare providers are now expected to conduct regular reviews of processes and networks.

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The education sector experienced a 44% increase in cyber-attacks when compared to 2021, with an average of 2297 attacks against organizations every week, according to Check Point’s 2022 Mid-Year Report.


Titania Nipper is proven to protect critical infrastructure in organizations across industries.