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Commercial CNI organizations' approach to mitigating PCI DSS compliance risks

Nipper Enterprise

We commissioned independent B2B research specialists, Coleman Parkes, to investigate by surveying senior cybersecurity decision-makers across the US Commercial CNI sectors - oil & gas, telecoms, and financial services, as well as military and federal organizations for comparison purposes.


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Companies must adopt a Zero Trust mindset

"Complex networks, large customer bases, and long supply chains make these industries highly susceptible to attacks. The study reveals that given the current organizational approaches to network security, companies cannot be continuously compliant, and as a result carry with them unquantified levels of risk to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and data." 
Phil Lewis, CEO, Titania.
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Continuous misconfiguration
detection and response

Nipper Enterprise accurately assesses the security risk and compliance posture of up to 300,000 firewalls, routers and switches on an up to hourly basis, prioritizing findings based on the ease of exploitation and network impact of the misconfigurations detected.

The solution connects directly to network devices to access the configuration file (for continuous monitoring) or ingests previously extracted configuration (for compliance snapshots). Risk findings are produced in a variety of formats, including JSON and syslog, enabling integration with existing SIEM, SOAR and ITSM SOC and NOC solutions.

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Prepare for Zero Trust

Find out more about how Nipper solutions can help your organization prepare for zero trust and transition to zero trust capabilities and controls.

Nipper Enterprise

Nipper Enterprise

With continuous misconfiguration detection and response it accurately assesses the security risk posture of up to 300,000 firewalls, routers and switches on an up-to-hourly basis. 

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With our Titania Nipper software, PCI DSS 4.0 testing procedures relating to network devices can be automated and accurately assessed, demonstrating compliance and enabling your team members to focus on more strategic issues.

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Cross Sector results

To see the results across all sectors including the U.S. Military, Federal Government, Oil and Gas, Telecoms and Financial Services sectors, download cross sector report here.

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