Automate the assessment of firewalls, switches and routers for CIS compliance

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a not-for-profit organization that exists to identify, develop, validate, promote and sustain best practices in cybersecurity for both the public and private sectors. CIS does this by setting out global standards for internet security namely through its CIS ‘Critical Cyber Security’ Controls and CIS Benchmarks.

CIS Controls
The CIS Controls are a set of top 20 critical security controls, which were originally developed by a group of leading cyber experts from across the globe to assist the US Department of Defense in prioritizing and strengthening its cybersecurity.

Implementing the 20 controls into your own organization undoubtedly provides robust cybersecurity, however few organizations have the budget, resources, time and expertise to implement the entire set of controls simultaneously. A more pragmatic approach is to use the controls as a starting point for review and to prioritise those most relevant to your organization.

CIS benchmarks
The CIS benchmarks are best-practice security configuration guidelines developed, with input from the US government, private-sector, security industry and academia, to help organizations comply with a number of recognized security standards.

There are over 140 security configuration guidelines to safeguard systems against rapidly evolving cyber threats. These include; technical control rules and values for hardening network devices, operating systems, and middleware and software applications. They are widely recognized as the configuration security standard for commercial organizations. Helping clients to achieve the highest level of cybersecurity across industry sectors, Titania is a certified CIS member.

Our Titania Nipper auditing tool can automate the assessment of industry leading firewalls, switches and routers, to provide the highest level of CIS compliance.

Titania's software provides:

Critical risk remediation prioritization:

  • Misconfigurations detected and assessed for
    • impact to the network if exploited,
    • ease of exploitation, and
    • ease and time to fix
  • Device specific remediation advice and command-line fixes
  • Daily configuration drift monitoring

Security and compliance assurance:

  • Assure compliance for FISMA, HIPAA, NIST, DISA RMF, CDM, CMMC and PCI DSS
  • Reduce audit times by up to 80% with evidence of compliance
  • Assessor-ready reports of compliance with:
    • 94% of NIST 800-53 network controls
    • 89% of CMMC network practices to evidence SCRM
    • 94% of PCI DSS network device procedures
    • STIGs

Continuous misconfiguration detection and response

  • Continuous visibility of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
  • Strategic, real-time prioritization of risk and remediation
  • Dashboards and reports of security and compliance posture
  • Roadmap to playbook-controlled auto-remediation

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