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Emerging Best Practice in the Use of Proactive Security Solutions

With an ever-increasing number of attacks targeting networks, it is unsurprising that Proactive Security solutions – a new breed of technology that seeks out and mitigates likely threats before they pose a danger to the environment - are being embraced by organizations of all sizes and all geographies according to research carried out by Omdia.

Key Findings


reported that their top cybersecurity goals for the next 12-24 months are to reduce the opportunity for threats with proactive security.



of businesses reported increased spending on proactive security solutions, such as attack surface management, over the past year.



of respondents indicated that integrating tools for attack path management and security control validation with security posture management and exposure management solutions is critical.

Emerging Best Practice in the Use of Proactive Cyber Security Solutions

With hacker innovation and prevalence having led to an exponential rise in the number of network security breaches; of which 68% have a human-error component, it is unsurprising that organizations are embracing cyber security solutions that enable them to seek out and eliminate threats, removing vulnerabilities before they pose a danger to their networks.

The rapid expansion of the modern attack surface, encompassing cloud, network infrastructure, endpoint, and code-based assets, and a significant increase in the number of exploitable security weaknesses and vulnerabilities means that investment in proactive security solutions is increasing. But what are the top priorities for these organizations – and their current pain points?

Omdia surveyed cybersecurity decision makers in North America, France, Germany and the UK to better understand the attitudes and drivers behind the adoption of proactive security systems as well as how they are currently being used.

This new research highlights a significant shift in cybersecurity spending towards proactive security measures. The report indicates a marked increase in investments aimed at preemptively mitigating cyber threats. In fact, 70% of businesses reported increased spending on proactive security solutions, such as attack surface management, over the past year. This notably outpaces investments in both preventative and reactive measures.

Download the full report to uncover:

  • Why organizations are embracing proactive security now
  • Levels of confidence in the current security posture of routers, switches and firewalls
  • The extent to which networks are exposed and how to improve resilience
  • The extent of disruption expected from adopting proactive security solutions
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Press Release

Research reveals over 70% of businesses have increased spending on proactive security, outpacing preventative and reactive measures.

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