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Nipper Enterprise for routers, switches & firewalls

Continuous security &
compliance assurance at scale

Minimizing network infrastructure attack surface with continuous monitoring of routers, switches and firewalls for security control and RMF compliance

Bringing the power and accuracy of Nipper to the entire enterprise

Designed to assure network security and compliance, in accordance with vendor device-hardening best practices, Zero Trust segmentation, and control and risk management frameworks - Nipper Enterprise delivers fast, accurate visibility of configuration posture at scale.

Network owners use Nipper Enterprise to increase the coverage and cadence of assessments, evidence continuous compliance with military and industry regulations, and minimize their attack surface via MITRE ATT&CK® misconfiguration prioritization.

Assess network infrastructure
on an enterprise scale

Assure network security &
compliance posture in real-time

Prioritize remediation by risk
to shut-down attack vectors

Identifying and addressing configuration drift, in real-time

Automating an inside-out view of security and compliance vulnerabilities across network infrastructure – Nipper Enterprise enables risk-prioritized remediation to shut down attack vectors that pose real-world threats to the enterprise.

Configuration drift detection

Gain immediate awareness of any device configuration changes, providing assurance that planned network changes have not created new vulnerabilities as well as alerting to unplanned changes (indicators of compromise).

Two cyber security professionals sat at their desk in a network control room, discussing work and monitoring computers.


Automate snapshot views, prioritized for risk, of the security and compliance posture of every router, switch and firewall in a CMDB on a monthly basis or at a more frequent cadence as required.

Military cyber security professional speaking on headset and using computer while working in network control center.


Check the CMDB for configuration changes and automatically trigger an audit of those changed files for a proactive way to assess the impact of configuration drift as it occurs, without the need for direct, credentialed device access.

Reporting made easy

    Evidence based
    Exception based
  • PCI DSS 4.0

    Automate requirement checks for network devices…

    green tick
  • NIST SP 800-53

    Pass/fail evidence of compliance with up to 49 controls…

    green tick
  • STIGs

    Automate NDM and RTR checks with pass/fail evidence…

    green tick
  • CMMC

    Assess and evidence compliance of network security practices...

    green tick
  • NIST SP 800-171

    Accurate assessment and compliance evidence for network controls....

    green tick
  • CIS Benchmarks

    Check for vulnerabilities against the benchmarks…

    green tick

    Assess for national vulnerabilities in minutes…

    green tick

    Exception-based reports for vulnerabilities…

    green tick
  • Titania Security Audit

    Detect where configs deviate from vendor hardening standards…

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Launching Winter 2023
➁ Launching 2024

How it works

Stateless and passive, Nipper Enterprise is a horizontally scalable, agentless web-based application that is accessed through modern web browsers to support a range of internal and external use cases.

A diagram explaining how Nipper Enterprise works, staring at the device going into a CMDB or Git repository, arriving into Nipper Enterprise for analysis (accurate misconfiguration identification underpinned by Titania's proven virtual modelling technology) and then feeding into tech integrations as needed such as SIEM, SOAR, ITSM, Ticketing and GRC

Flexible deployment

Nipper Enterprise can be deployed either on-premise with an OVA, enabling deployment in offline environments, or on a virtual private cloud with an AMI.

Enterprise integrations

The solution provides Rest APIs and JSON outputs for integration with trusted 2FA, SIEM, SOAR, GRC and ITSM/trouble-ticketing solutions.

Stateless & passive

Nipper Enterprise does not require access to devices as it connects to a CMDB or Git repository, to proactively monitor configuration drift.

Proactive audits

New or changed device configurations in the repository, trigger Nipper Enterprise to proactively fetch the latest (changed) configs for assessment.

Automatic labelling

Configuration repository labels are inherited automatically, with only labels passed to third-party solutions.

Customizable scheduling

Audits can be scheduled according to device labels indicating, for example, network criticality, location, device type, vendor, etc.

Configurable parameters

Detailed check descriptions and configurable parameters help ensure network checks reflect organizational policies and risk profile.

Agnostic data pipeline

Risk-prioritized findings are provided in both human-readable and machine-readable formats, enabling integrations with third-party security and compliance tools.

Snapshot reporting

Review ‘point in time’ security and compliance posture snapshots to forensically analyze the extent to which a network has been compromised following signs of an attack.

Air-gapped assessments

Assess and assure security and compliance, even in offline networks. Assessment methodology does not require direct access to devices, enabling deployment in offline networks.

Supported Devices

For specific details on Nipper Enterprise's support for vendor’s products, models and versions, please
contact us.


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Nipper Enterprise Product Overview

Nipper Enterprise Product Overview

What is Zero Trust and how can it be achieved?
Technical Brief

What is Zero Trust and how can it be achieved?

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» Critical risk remediation

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» Automated regulatory compliance reporting

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