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Continuous network security and compliance

At scale. From the developers of Nipper.

Automating an inside-out view of security and compliance vulnerabilities across network infrastructure – Nipper solutions enable risk-prioritized remediation to shut down attack vectors that pose real-world threats to the enterprise.

NEW RESEARCH from Omdia Reveals:

The ‘Confidence and Assessment Paradox’ thwarting operational readiness and resilience

Understand why more than 70% of organizations have increased spending on Proactive Security solutions to bridge the gap between confidence and best practice to ensure continuous, secure operations.


On the radar: Nipper Enterprise

“Nipper Enterprise adds a level of proactive security risk assessment and vulnerability management, which complements nicely the kind of server-centric vulnerability assessment enabled by the likes of Qualys and Tenable.”

- Omdia


Accurately detect vulnerabilities

Analyzing the impact to the network if a misconfiguration is exploited, plus the ease of exploit, Nipper solutions provide an informed view of network risk posture.

  • Vendor hardening best practices
  • Zero Trust networking
  • Configuration drift prevention


Automate the evidence

Automatically mapping security checks to trusted control and risk management frameworks, Nipper solutions provide assessor-ready, pass/fail evidence of compliance.

  • Regulatory standards reports
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Corporate policy editions

Shut Down

Risk-prioritize remediation

Nipper solutions use trusted security benchmarks to analyze the network infrastructure attack surface, identifying how to remediate the most critical issues, first.

  • MITRE ATT&CK® view of vulnerabilities
  • Remediation workflow improvement
  • Automation & orchestration

Flexible deployment to meet your needs

Continuous security & compliance assurance with Nipper Enterprise

Deployed by Security Operation Centers to assure the security and compliance posture of network infrastructure, Nipper Enterprise also adds a transformative proactive security layer to the Network Operation Center tech stack.

On-demand security & compliance assessments by Nipper 

Internal auditors, external assessors and pentesters choose Nipper to quickly verify configurations are secure and/or meet regulatory compliance standards, reducing their audit times by up to 80%.

Technical Partnerships

Sample Image

Stopping configuration drift.
Before you're compromised.

This report into the prevalence of configuration drift shows the impact of exploitable configurations on network security within US Federal organizations, and what needs to be done about it.

Supporting Critical National Infrastructure security and compliance missions for more than 10 years, Nipper findings provide must have insights to cyber leaders focused on establishing a defendable network.


Nipper Software Solutions

Providing a fast, accurate and complete view of misconfigurations across network infrastructure, Nipper software offers a unique capability for:

Preparing for Zero Trust
ICON - Zero Trust - Enterprise

Determine the compliance state of devices, leveraging existing hardening standards.

Maintaining adequate segmentation
ICON - Segmentation - Enterprise

Continuously monitor that segmentation is enforced.

Monitoring configuration drift
ICON - Configuration Drift Monitoring - Enterprise

Immediately assess altered files in configuration repositories.

Alerting to potential indicators
of compromise
ICON - Alert - Enterprise

Trigger checks of unplanned configuration changes and analyze extent of compromise.

Analyzing attack vectors
ICON - Attack Vectors - Enterprise

Automate MITRE ATT&CK analysis to show vulnerability to adversary tactics.

Auditing air-gapped environments
ICON - Air-gapped Environments - Enterprise

Assess and assure security and compliance, even in offline networks.

Find a Trusted Partner

Our regional and channel partners are resellers who distribute Titania software, often providing implementation, custom integrations and in-country support.

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Impact of exploitable misconfigurations on network security

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