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Nipper Studio

Network Security Software

Produce security audit & configuration audit reports on firewalls, switches & routers to help maintain an expert level of network security.

Update for free now to Nipper Studio 2.3.2 to get loads of new features including PCI compliance auditing...

Paws Studio

Compliance Software

Produce a compliance audit report for servers, workstations & laptops, using your own audit checklist or a pre-defined compliance policy.

What Our Customers Say

It was Refreshing to Discover Nipper Studio!

Nipper enables Cisco to test devices in a fraction of the time it would normally take to perform a manual audit. For many devices it has eliminated the need for a manual audit altogether.

- Cisco Systems Inc.

Nipper Meets All of Our Expectations and Surpasses Them!

Nipper is a breakthrough tool in the field of network security and the reports that Nipper produces are straight forward and easy to comprehend. Nipper meets all of our expectations and surpasses them!

- Digital Encode

A Great Product!

We were amazed at how quickly Nipper provided reports and the results needed to enable testing of the X-Series hardware platform. A great product!

- Crossbeam Systems Inc.

Our Customers