Improving the security and compliance posture of networks across the telco supply chain

To protect the vital infrastructure and services on which industries, governments and societies depend, Telcos choose Nipper to improve the security posture of their critical networks to develop greater cyber resilience.

Already using Nipper software to automate the accurate configuration assessment of their firewalls, switches and routers, Telcos are now considering Nipper Enterprise to provide continuous visibility of their security and compliance postures.

As security within the network perimeter is as important as the security on devices forming the perimeter, validating that every firewall, switching and routing device maintains a secure configuration that matches both network policy and functional intent is now a daily goal. The capability to monitor and mitigate configuration drift in real-time – and address critical misconfiguration as they arise – Nipper solutions help ensure that Telcos and vendors in their supply chain are effectively managing their cyber risk.

Configuration drift monitoring:

  • Accurately detect misconfigurations in all network devices
  • Assess and prioritize identified configuration risk according to: 
    • impact to the network if exploited,
    • ease of exploitation, and
    • ease and time to fix
  • Generate device specific remediation advice and command-line fixes

Security and compliance assurance:

  • Security audit against best practices for network configuration
  • Configure audits according to internally developed security practices
  • Assure compliance for PCI DSS, NIST, DISA RMF, CDM, CMMC and more
  • Reduce audit times by up to 80% with assessor-ready reports

Continuous misconfiguration detection and response

  • Check entire network for critical configuration risks daily
  • Continuous visibility of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
  • Strategic, real-time prioritization of risk and remediation
  • Roadmap to playbook-controlled auto-remediation

Supply Chain Risk Management

Developing operational resilience requires robust supply chain risk management practices to ensure every vendor in the telecommunications network adheres to the same high levels of cybersecurity. Nipper’s security audit automates the checks needed to ensure firewalls, switches and routers are compliant with manufacturers’ and network configuration best practices – and is a useful tool for vendors throughout the supply chain.

Nipper also automates the compliance assessment of 88% of PCI DSS core network device procedures, 94% of NIST 800-53 core network controls and 89% of the NIST 800-171 controls related to core network devices. And for DIB contractors, Nipper helps demonstrate compliance with 89% of CMMC core network security practices across 9 domains.

Titania is proven to protect critical infrastructure

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