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Configuration security & compliance at scale

Zero Trust Policy Enforcement

Verify that network device configurations remain secure

Establishing a security baseline for network devices and then continually assessing devices rather than assuming they remain in a secure state, is fundamental to network security. At the very least, device security should be re-assessed when configurations change.

Verifying rather than trusting that devices maintain a secure configuration is a key Zero Trust (ZT) principle and one that progressive frameworks are now adopting. But this requires a solution with the capability to accurately assess the security configuration and compliance status of every device in a network, preferably on a continuous basis, ensuring that any misconfigurations and vulnerabilities are identified quickly and remediated as soon as practicable.

Nipper and Nipper Enterprise deliver an innovative and practical way to do this for all your network infrastructure devices – providing the insight needed to ensure devices remain secure to Zero Trust baselines.

ICON - Zero Trust Policy Enforcement - Enterprise

Assess Zero Trust readiness

Quickly and accurately check devices are configured according to vendor hardening guides and comply with organizational/ regulatory security policies.

ICON - Configuration Drift Monitoring - Enterprise

Proactively assess for configuration drift

Achieve continuous asset monitoring by proactively assessing for configuration changes between scheduled audits in Nipper Enterprise.

ICON - Incident Prevention - Enterprise

Verify devices remain secure

Determine the security and compliance state of every network device, every day, with ‘pass/fail’ evidence of compliance to vendor hardening and security standards and Risk Management Framework (RMF) controls, including STIGs and DISA RMF.

Titania Federal Research Report opened on double page titled, 'Calculating risks.'

Configuration Security Fundamentals

Stopping configuration drift before it compromises.

Federal agencies face several challenges as they transition towards Zero Trust. Recent research highlights how the current approach to configuration security is a major one.

Adopt a ‘Never Trust, Always Verify’ Approach

Validate the security of every router, switch, and firewall, every day, with Nipper Enterprise

Continuously Assure ZT Segmentation

Assure networks are effectively segmented with advanced contextualization of device settings to detect misconfigurations that allow unauthorized access to critical data and systems.

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Insights to Inform Incident Response

Forensically analyze historical security and compliance posture to understand the extent to which a network could have been compromised following signs of an attack.

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Proactively Identify Configuration Drift

Automatically detect when configurations drift away from their ZT secure and compliant state and alert investigators to Indicators of Compromise.

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Prioritized Risk Remediation

Nipper and Nipper Enterprise provide accurate and granular detail about where the actual configuration differs from the desired secure configuration and the risk to the network, not just the device.

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Continuous Network Security &
Compliance, at Scale

Nipper Enterprise provides configuration security analysis
that is foundational to a Zero Trust approach.

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What is Zero Trust and how can it be achieved?


Looking for an automated way to:

  • Assess and establish ZT readiness?
  • Monitor configuration drift away from ZT baselines?
  • Verify the security of every router, switch and firewall, every day?