Information and technology are both key cornerstones of national security. Each new device that is connected to a military network, presents a new target for cyber attackers and their increasingly sophisticated exploits - which is why the DISA risk management framework has been developed to protect the world’s most critical networks. Every supplier also presents a potential risk, which is why the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) has been introduced. Designed to ensure all sub-tier suppliers to Department of Defense are adhering to the 17 basic cyber hygiene controls in Level 1, those at the very top of the supply chain will also need to evidence that they comply with Level 3 requirements.

With a shortage of skilled security analysts - many of whom are at risk of information overload, alert-fatigue, unachievable workloads and burn-out – finding ways to automate and scale cyber hygiene practices is key to ensuring networks are not left vulnerable to attack. Which is why Titania has developed auditing and vulnerability detection software that has accuracy at its core. Proven to significantly reduce the number of false-positive alerts, whilst also reducing the risk of false-negatives, Titania software can be used to accurately assess the risk posed by any vulnerabilities detected on your devices.

Automating checks for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities on a daily basis, Nipper is proven to save 3 hours per audit, per device – not investigating false-positives. Whilst also significantly reducing the number of false-negatives, which means the risk of preventable attack is also significantly reduced. "Identify exploitable vulnerabilities and non-compliance with regulations such as STIG, CIS, SANS, NSA and NERC quickly and easily with Titania."

"Identify exploitable vulnerabilities and non-compliance with regulations such as STIG, CIS, SANS, NSA and NERC quickly and easily with Titania."

Titania is proven to protect military

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Minimize cyber risk across your mission critical networks

Detecting and preventing the exploitation of vulnerable misconfigurations is a top priority for Network and Security Operations teams. This is why military and federal agencies are choosing Titania to gain visibility of their security posture and compliance status across their expanding attack surface.

  • Accurately detect vulnerabilities

  • Prioritize risks

  • Identify regulatory/compliance gaps

  • Monitor and maintain a clean and optimized network

  • Increase the frequency of network audits

Accurate vulnerability audits to manage risk better.

Our accuracy lets you reduce false positives and negatives whilst providing detailed configuration audits of firewalls, switches and routers. You can strengthen and secure your vital network devices.

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