Deliver risk-based prioritization of network vulnerabilities to secure network devices

MSSPs seeking a competitive advantage are always looking for low-cost, low-touch ways to help their customers become more secure, compliant and agile. Key to this competitive advantage, particularly given your challenges around finding and retaining talent, is choosing proven ways to reduce the time your team spends on activity that could otherwise be automated, such as auditing every device to check their networks are secure including their firewalls, switches and routers both on the perimeter and inside the network.

Titania’s configuration auditing tools are trusted by MSSPs around the world who pride themselves on offering their customers accurate, reliable and consistent security reports with the detail they need to improve their security posture. Whilst fixing everything will always be a challenge, having the ability to zero in on the most critical risks on a regular basis, is a radical step forward. 

MSSPs using Titania are commanding higher margins on network auditing and compliance services, offering additional value-add services to customers, and are quickly becoming experts in any environment.

“Don’t try to patch everything; focus on vulnerabilities that are actually exploitable. ” Gartner"

With Titania you can:

  • Audit every device, accurately, every time, for consistent results that generate significantly fewer false-positives than other automated audit and scanning tools
  • Improve the mean time to detect misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in firewalls, switches and routers with detailed audit reports generated in minutes
  • Quickly and accurately analyze the risk that the vulnerabilities pose to the network and automatically assess the time and effort required to remediate the risk
  • Prioritize remediation activity and provide exact technical fixes to improve the mean time to remediate
  • Deliver security from compliance with security risks automatically overlaid onto regulatory risk management frameworks
  • Auto-generate detailed and easy-to-read reports that provide confidence the network is assured and operating securely.


Good to know:

Nipper’s Security Audit automates a best-practice configuration audit, performing almost 300 different checks proven to identify configuration issues. This not only provides unrivalled accuracy in detecting misconfigurations in firewalls, routers and switches - it also provides a network risk context for any issues it finds.  This includes:

  • The impact of an exploitation of the misconfiguration
  • How easy it is to exploit, to assess risk likelihood, and
  • How easy it is to remediate

Having this granular level of configuration analysis, equips risk owners with the information needed to properly allocate time and resources to fixing the problems that matter most.

Nipper findings report automatically prioritizes identified risks by criticality to the network. These risk-prioritized findings can then be automatically overlaid onto risk management frameworks and security assessments to assure compliance with PCI DSS, CMMC, NIST 800-171, NIST 800-53 and STIGs - simply by running the report in Nipper, helping to deliver security from compliance.

Nipper can output the findings data it generates in machine-readable formats, such as JSON, so that it can be ingested into technologies like SIEM and SOAR. This enables the creation of dashboard reporting that can be tailored to display an aggregated view of all risks detected by Nipper in any given audit.

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