As the global energy and utilities market becomes more connected to next generation, digital technologies and networks – to the benefit of consumers seeking ‘smart’ solutions – exposure to cyber-attacks and security breaches increases.

The risk to the supply of energy and sensitive data being accessed are primary concerns, however, the sector also presents unique challenges which need to be addressed in any cybersecurity initiatives. The ‘real-time’ requirements of energy systems for example, which mean they must act extremely quickly, makes authentication and verification complex. Another challenge is grids and pipelines are often interconnected beyond one territory, meaning a compromise to security could have far-reaching implications. The combination of legacy and new systems also creates higher risk to critical infrastructure.

In response to these challenges and the rapid pace at which the sector is evolving, in 2018 the European Commission launched a dedicated energy initiative under the NIS (Network & Information Security Group) Directive. The initiative seeks to exchange best practice between member states on identification, mitigation and management of cyber risks.

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