How Titania help organisations in your industry

We deliver automated pen-test accuracy to reduce false positives to customers across a range of industries including Military and Federal, Finance, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), Pen Testing and IT services.

Our customers value being able to identify unknown vulnerabilities and improve cyber hygiene, using technology that helps them to prove network assurance and resilience.

Military & Federal

For 10 years we’ve been supporting military and government agencies worldwide, in accurately understanding their network vulnerabilities and how to manage them.

We are trusted by users such as the U.S. DoD, Navy and Air Force plus the Departments of Homeland Security, Treasury, Energy and FBI as well as the French and German Military, and UK Government.


Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)

For those responsible for the security of infrastructure depended on my millions, an accurate knowledge of what risks lie on their networks is imperative. With the stakes so high, our customers within the telecommunication, energy and transport sectors use our tools to understand the vulnerabilities on their network and prove assurance.


Pen Testers & Primes

Our tools are championed by some of the largest and most trusted security auditing companies in the world.

They tell us that by freeing their time up from repetitive processes, they have been able to offer their customers a broader and more detailed assessment of their security, on time and within budget.



From global banks to payment card providers, Financial Institutions harbour one of the largest responsibilities of any commercial industry, because of the highly sensitive data that they process, transfer and store. To our financial customers we deliver penetration tester accuracy and expertise on demand, which gives them certainty around their network risks and helps manage them.


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