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Titania Nipper NIST 800-171 datasheet

Nipper’s NIST 800-171 module automates the accurate assessment of 21 (60%) NIST 800-171 requirements for network devices across 6 control families. Other Nipper report modules can be used to meet a further 10 (29%) of the total NIST 800-171 requirements across a total of 8 control families.

The dedicated module helps you to quickly and easily:

  • Establish a baseline to use when creating a roadmap to compliance;
  • Consolidate all relevant NIST 800-171 findings, including recommendations to address non-compliance, in an easy-to-generate report that can be output to GRC and SIEM systems.
  • Prioritize remediation activity based on ease of fix as well as impact and likelihood of exploitation;
  • Rapidly address misconfigurations and issues raised as areas of non-compliance with the exact technical fixes provided.

Download the Nipper NIST 800-171 module datasheet