Nipper Enterprise Product Overview - Accurate configuration security and RMF compliance at scale

Since 2013, Titania Nipper’s accurate configuration assessment has been trusted by elite DoD vulnerability assessment teams to complement DISA ACAS analyses. Nipper’s unrivalled accuracy is achieved by virtually modelling the configuration as a single entity to consider interdependencies across the core network, allowing audits to be reduced by up to 80% as a result of not wasting time investigating false-positives and by improving remediation workflows to address critical risks first.

Utilizing the trusted Nipper sensor that delivers this industry-leading accuracy in configuration security and compliance assurance, Nipper Enterprise now delivers accurate security assessment and RMF monitoring and assurance at scale to support cyber teams in their efforts to establish a defendable core network.

Accurately assessing the security risk posture of up to 300,000 firewalls, routers and switches from trusted manufacturers including Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper and Palo Alto, Nipper Enterprise significantly reduces the mean time to detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, delivering deterministic results on an up-to-hourly basis.

The solution not only prioritizes security risks according to expert pentest criticality ratings – based on ease of exploitation and network impact - but also provides remediation recommendations and, where possible, command line fixes.

Security risk assessment findings can also be automatically overlaid onto NIST 800-53 and DISA STIG assessments, and therefore, onto RMF for DoD agencies and CDM for civilian agencies, or onto CMMC and/or 800-171 for supply chains. Integrations with trusted SIEM, ITSM and SOAR tools enables both snapshot RMF posture assurance and/or continuous RMF monitoring of the actual state of core network configuration as required.

Download the Product Overview for more information on the SOC and NOC benefits as well as key features and technical specifications.

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Accurate-configuration-security-and RMF-compliance-at-scale