Crossbeam Systems (acquired and folded into Blue Coat Systems which was thereafter acquired and folded into Symantec), offered a proven approach to deploying network security that met the extreme performance, scalability and reliability demands of large enterprises, service providers and government agencies. Its adaptable software and hardware platform, the X-Series, provides an open architecture that integrates network processing with application processing to create a high performance, fully virtualized security infrastructure. Companies rely on Crossbeam to intelligently manage risk, accelerate and maintain compliance and protect their businesses from evolving threats.

 The challenge

Crossbeam Systems needed to find a solution to testing their X-Series platform and finding vulnerabilities easily and effectively. This took many man-days of testing which would have been better spent developing new software solutions for the X-Series and a solution needed to be found that would enable the testing to be undertaken quickly.

 The solution

Crossbeam Systems evaluated Nipper and purchased shortly after. Crossbeam Systems were amazed at how quickly it provided the reports and results needed to enable testing of the X-Series hardware platform. The number of man-days taken to test the X-Series hardware platform was more than halved and the vulnerabilities were fixed in a much more timely manner thanks to the comprehensive reporting.

Their business benefit

Man-days were cut down by more than half compared to manual testing. By using Nipper, vulnerabilities were able to be fixed more quickly and easily. Implementing Nipper has been very cost effective for our organization.