Titania Joins Security Elite With CIS Benchmarks

Date published: 16 Sep 2016

Titania is excited to join a select list of security companies to be a certified by leading security framework CIS. In seconds our Nipper Studio auditing tool can automate the assessment of industry leading Cisco IOS systems, so you can feel sure of your security and compliance.

What is CIS?

CIS (Center for Internet Security) endeavour to identify, develop, validate, promote, and sustain best practices in cybersecurity. They do this by developing internet security benchmarks (over 130 so far) and accrediting tools that are proven to be able to automate the auditing of these policies.

What makes CIS the go to security standard?

CIS became a model for government and private organisations after an assessment from the US State Department revealed that the CIS were remarkably aligned with the actual attacks against the Department and showed a decrease of more than 88% in risk across 85 000 systems.

The Critical Security Controls were developed from an initiative to help the Department of Defense to prioritise its cybersecurity spending. In 2008, the White House requested the National Security Agency to refine a list of security controls most effective in stopping cyber-attacks.

Previously the White House had mandated only controls known to stop or mitigate an attack should be prioritised as part of the country’s cyber defence policy. This mandate was essential in separating CIS from other security controls. The joint efforts of the NSA’s Red and Blue teams meant these controls were created by people that knew defence as well as attack. In an extraordinary partnership with CIS and SANS, the NSA agreed to share attack information to provide these controls to civilian and private organisations. This expanded to include the UK’s CSEG, US Department of Energy nuclear energy labs, law enforcement organisations, as well as cyber security companies and top forensic and incident response companies.

Further, the CIS Security Benchmarks program is a partnership between public and private industry experts to help organisations meet compliance requirements for a number of recognised security standards. Now Titania has joined the impressive line-up of CIS members in order to deliver the best and most efficient of security policies, by integrating the benchmarks for CISCO IOS systems. Support for Window’s systems through our Paws Studio tool will be following shortly!

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