NERF and Cyber Security

Date published: 07 Jun 2017

Information Security 2017

If you visited us at Infosecurity Europe 2017, you might have had a go on our NERF gun Firewall Shootout. Maybe you even won a medal!

The NERF gun range works as a great analogy for our unique technology...

Many people use traditional cyber security scanning software to determine vulnerabilities on their networks.

This is an excellent first step in trying to secure your system and is common practice around the world. We would always encourage organisations to take steps to improve their security, but using scanners alone may leave you more exposed than you think.

So, here’s where our NERF gun analogy fits in…

Imagine a wall in front of you (the boundary to your network). That wall has many holes in it (vulnerabilities).

Traditional scanner technology would blindly fire threats at the network in order to find those vulnerabilities. The ones that go through the holes would send flags to the user to patch the vulnerability. (A bit like shooting at the wall with a blindfold on!)

While this identifies some of the issues, you can miss key vulnerabilities and still leave yourself exposed to future attacks.

Titania’s software works very differently.

It analyses the configuration of your network and creates a blueprint, which allows you to find and fix each vulnerability intelligently.

So, using the NERF gun wall analogy, it allows you to see the holes and target each one carefully. It highlights exactly where your weaknesses are on the network, line by line – auditing like a penetration tester would, but without extensive hours of man power to do so.

Auditing your network devices with our technology is like sniping a target with laser accuracy. You’re effective and efficient. Scanners alone can be like shooting in the dark, but combined with configuration audits, they’re a valuable tool in your arsenal.

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