Cyber security needs to increase in the UK.

It’s been a busy news day for cyber security. MPs have warned that the industry skills shortage and “chaotic” handling of data breaches are undermining confidence in the government’s ability to protect the UK from cyber attacks.

A spokesperson for the National Cyber Security Centre said that the unit has “transformed how the UK deals with cybersecurity”, and in positive local news the Hereford & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce have highlighted their commitment to making the region the safest place in the UK to do business.

This morning we were pleased to attend a business breakfast at Worcester Bosch Group, where the Hereford & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce launched their Business Manifesto 2017 – a document which sets out the vital issues that need to be addressed this year.

The Manifesto was produced following consultation from the region’s business community and has been sent to local MPs, MEPs and other stakeholders who strengthen the Chamber’s lobbying capacity at a local, national and European level.

Cyber crime costs £27bn in the UK and businesses are one of the criminal’s biggest targets. Business crime is a key point in the 2017 Business Manifesto, with a strong focus on cyber crime.

In 2017, the Chamber of Commerce have committed to:

  • Encourage businesses to obtain the Cyber Essentials accreditation
  • Organise workshops with West Mercia to offer businesses an expert insight into how to best protect yourself from the threat of crime
  • Acknowledge that tackling business crime is a two way process, with correct and prompt reporting of crime equally as important as the correct response from law enforcement
  • Facilitate a better two-way exchange of intelligence, information and best practice between businesses and law enforcement

A recent survey by Sophos found that consumers are more worried about cybercrime than physical world crime, and with businesses more at risk of cyber attack than ever before, it’s encouraging to see this commitment from the Hereford & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce.

Cyber essentials.

The Government backed Cyber Essentials scheme can reduce up to 80% of basic cyber risk to a business. All businesses can follow the guidelines and get the recommended controls in place (Titania’s free Risk Assessment Tool can help you do this in under 10 minutes), and you then have the option of being assessed to achieve Cyber Essentials certification.

Being Cyber Essentials certified is optional for most businesses and organisations but following the guidelines is important if you want to stay secure, and it gives your customers and suppliers confidence that you take cyber security and protecting their data seriously.

16 out of 21 security checks automated by our FREE Risk Assessment Tool are aligned to Cyber Essentials. The tool can be installed and operated with little to no technical knowledge and will show you key security vulnerabilities in minutes.

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