CSO invited to present at Kaspersky NeXT, Barcelona

Date published: 29 Oct 2018

Kaspersky NeXT is designed to showcase research and discussions from some of the most exciting Kaspersky Lab experts, external experts (including our very own Nicola) and European journalists in the field of security and technology across Europe, examining the theme of what is next; for the business, for the industry and for cybersecurity...

"In a day and age where we do more online than ever before, we examine who is watching, and whether we can ever truly expect to maintain control of our online lives."

Nicola’s presentation ‘AI: past failures, current capability and future defence’ focuses on the importance of autonomous mitigation that will pave the way to A.I. driven self-healing/self-defending systems.

This year’s NeXT event will also be discussing what the industry and Kaspersky can do to address the gender imbalance in cybersecurity - a subject which is of great importance to Nicola, and to the rest of the team here at Titania.

For more information about Nicola's keynote presentations, including 'Women in Cyber' and her NeXT presentation on 'AI-driven Autonomous Mitigation', visit: www.nicolawhiting.com.


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