CEO Joins PM in Washington

Date published: 08 Jan 2016

On his two-day visit in Washington DC to meet United States President Barack Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron took the opportunity to showcase a delegation of British cybersecurity experts on a UKTI trade mission to the US. Titania CEO, Ian Whiting was one of the professionals invited to attend.

The same delegation was present on the 8th of January, at No. 10 Downing Street for a roundtable meeting on matters of consolidating the cyber defence industry through funding schemes and grant structure, especially for start-ups and small businesses.

Ian Whiting said: “The cyber security industry is expanding at a very fast-pace currently and it is coming to represent a strong segment in British international trade. Titania is one of the many information security businesses that have grown hugely over recent years. We now export to over 60 countries worldwide and we recently opened new headquarters in the centre of Worcester which the Rt. Hon. Francis Maude, Minister for Cybersecurity came to inaugurate. Our invitation to these meetings indicates that state leaders are aware of this booming industry and they are keen to provide their support.”

As members of the Malvern Cyber Security Cluster, Ian added:

“The Malvern Cluster has been a true support line for many of the technological businesses in the Worcestershire area by offering a coordinated collaboration, a free flow of ideas and a supportive voice for SMEs in the government. We were very pleased to see the delegation included one more Malvern Cluster member, Deep-Secure, which is another expanding company in the cyber security landscape of the Severn valley.”

The visit to Washington DC was an opportunity to strengthen ties between UK and US on cyber security trade and open the way to a thriving economic relationship between the two countries. The British delegation met with key players in the security and defence sector on the US market and exchanged ideas on industry challenges, opportunities and innovative developments. In recognition of the company’s efforts, David Cameron has said: “The UK is already leading the way in cyber security and this government is committed to ensuring it continues to be a leader in this multi-billion dollar industry. That’s why on this trip I’m showcasing some of the leading UK cyber security companies including Titania from Worcester who will have the chance to meet investors and build their business in the US.”

Titania was recently named the Small Business of The Year by the British Chamber of Commerce and was designated the Export winner at the Birmingham Post Business Awards, while Ian Whiting’s achievements in the industry have been recognised by the Computing Security Awards through the “Personal Contribution to IT Security Award”.

At such critical times, it is commendable that meetings between state leaders include professionals with a comprehensive understanding of an industry often misunderstood and criticised for its necessary secrecy.


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