Misconfigurations overlooked as the cause of network security breaches

Oct 25, 2022

Security breaches and cyber-attacks on critical national infrastructure are making the headlines more frequently than ever before. Threat actors are using a variety of methods to breach networks and often a number of approaches are tested until they succeed in gaining entry, with misconfigurations in the network being just one possible target.




Titania Report

New Report Reveals Exploitable Network Misconfigurations Cost Organizations 9% of Total Annual Revenue

Aug 10, 2022

Titania Research Suggests Disconnect Between Network Security Perception and Reality; Firewalls Prioritized Over Switches and Routers




CMMC Changes

CMMC changes – Don’t wait for the new rules to be implemented, start working on your NIST 800-171 compliance today

Aug 02, 2022

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a framework that combines different standards and requirements to measure the cybersecurity maturity of the defense supply chain. Despite the current delay on the rollout of the program, contractors shouldn’t wait until the end of the rule making process to work on their compliance for CMMC. Instead, they should start today, if they haven’t already.





Telcos - Under the cyber security spotlight

Jun 16, 2022

In our increasingly interconnected world, telecommunications are essential to the smooth running of business operations across the globe. Organizations’ reliance on telecommunications networks escalated during the Covid-19 pandemic, with workforces quickly decamping from corporate offices to home offices in light of the pivot to a work-from-home requirement.

Teleco companies enabled this rapid and sudden shift, ensuring that, amidst all the uncertainty, organizations were able to remain connected and lessen disruption to essential business operations.




Using a Zero Trust approach to network security for higher education

Jun 14, 2022

How a zero trust approach to network security can help higher education establishments, such as universities, gain network security through compliance.


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