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CRESTCon UK 2021


Location: Online

We are proud to be Gold sponsors for CRESTCon UK 2021. CRESTCon is an annual event that brings together leading technical and business information security professionals.

Now in its 10th year, CRESTCon UK attracts over 450 delegates made up of high-level influencers and decision-makers. Primarily known amongst penetration testers, CRESTCon also has attendance from senior security, risk and compliance managers from a wide range of public and private sector organizations, along with security consultants and business directors working in the technical information assurance and response industry. Titania CTO, Keith Driver will be speaking at CRESTCon 2021:

The value of continuous auditing in Zero Trust architecture and risk-based situational awareness.

Penetration testing has matured over the years from its beginnings as an ad hoc process to become a vital component in assuring Applications, Data, and Networks meet compliance and security standards. Security architectures have become more sophisticated, adapting to the business environments and technology advancements. The ubiquity and heterogeneous nature of network equipment, hybrid cloud environments and externally hosted SaaS applications complicate the security model and provide an increased attack surface. The presentation will explore the role of continuous audit as a foundational component of penetration testing and its value underpinning the Zero Trust architecture and providing a risk-based situational awareness to network owners.

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