Nipper 2.6.4

The latest release of Nipper 2.6.4 brings multiple improvements from version 2.6.3.

Report Improvements

• Nipper will now show single Password Policy Violations within a table
• New Finding IDs have been added to the Security Report. These can now be used to help order the report further.

Accuracy Improvements

• Dell Sonicwall devices are now shown as "Sonicwall"

Other Improvements

• Fixed an issue where OSPF table names would show their name as "PROCNAME" rather than "Virtual Routers"
• When adding a license through the CLI application, Nipper will now prompt the user to add their serial or activation key, if the respective CLI arguments are blank or missing
• Nipper now supports the auditing of Watchguard XTMv devices through the CLI
• Fixed an issue that occurred when importing a CSV file containing a Palo Alto device, causing a prompt to appear and subsequent report failure
• Fixed a hyperlink within the License Agreement, that redirected the user to an incorrect web page
• Running an audit against Fortigate FG100D Firewalls no longer produces a "Serious Error Has Occurred" message
• Fixed an issue where users attempting to export an XML file of a Vulnerability audit (performed against a Juniper SRX device) would cause an error
• Fixed an issue where enabling the "Send email as attachment" setting would fail to attach a log file to the email being sent
• Fixed an issue where enabling the "Order by CVE Reference" setting would cause some Vulnerabilities to not be ordered correctly
• URLs have been updated
• Redundant PCI Report Settings have been removed from the CLI help guide