As the first line of defense against network disruptions and failures, your NOC is under increasing pressure to keep your organizations’ network infrastructure available, performing and secure. The cost of ‘downtime per minute’ escalates as networks become more complex, so using proven tools to assure the availability and security of the network is key to your NOC’s success.

Wherever possible, you are looking for proven ways to automate the automatable parts of the NOC’s ever-increasing workload, and to free the team to dedicate themselves to skilled work. Accurately automating audits and checks is a sure-fire way to ensure your team does not become fatigued by false-positive results and can focus on mitigating actual risks.

Whether your NOC comprises internal network analysts and engineers, managed security service providers or a combination of the two, Titania’s software provides a fast, effective, and accurate way to ensure your operations are secure across your network.

"Often let down by tools giving false positives and negatives, our clients save time and feel assured by the unrivaled accuracy that Nipper provides."

With Titania you can:

  • Audit every device, accurately, every time, for consistent results that generate significantly fewer false-positives than other automated audit and scanning tools

  • Improve your mean time to detect misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in your network devices with detailed audit reports generated in minutes

  • Quickly and accurately analyze the risk that the vulnerabilities pose to your network and automatically assess the time and effort required to remediate the risk

  • Prioritize remediation activity and provide your network engineers with exact technical fixes to improve your mean time to remediate

  • Auto-generate detailed and easy-to-read reports up the chain of command that provide confidence your network is assured and operating securely. 


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Good to know:

  • Titania software provides a wide range of ‘out of the box’ compliance audits that can be customized to suit your specific network assurance requirements

  • Software licensing can be flexed to suit your needs as your infrastructure changes and ensures a low total cost of ownership

  • Titania offers guaranteed response times from its dedicated support team to ensure your NOC is supported at all times.

Proof points:

  • 3 hours per audit, per device is the average time the NOC saves from not investigating false-positive results (in STIG and PCI audits)

  • Integrate Nipper with your SIEM or SOAR solution to scale your auditing capability and examine your security posture from different angles

  • Download a trial version to audit your own devices and put Titania’s accuracy to the test

  • Use our ROI calculator to calculate your likely return on investment.

Accurate vulnerability audits to manage risk better.

Our accuracy lets you reduce false positives and negatives whilst providing detailed configuration audits of firewalls, switches and routers. You can strengthen and secure your vital network devices.

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