For those responsible for the security of infrastructure depended on by millions, an accurate knowledge of what risks lie on their networks is imperative. With the stakes so high, our customers within the telecommunication, energy and transport sectors use our tools to understand the vulnerabilities on their network and prove assurance.

Managing network security can be complex and time consuming, especially when the dealing the monumentally large systems that often face those responsible for the safety of our critical infrastructure systems.

We understand that the demands on your time are high, with resources often insufficient. So we recognize that you need a tool which helps you understand the vulnerabilities on your network and how to manage them, while also being assured that the information you are acting on is accurate.

Save wasted time chasing false positives with accurate automation you can trust and rely on.

Gain insights into hidden issues on your network and feel assured of your systems' cyber hygiene.

Quickly take action using our detailed remediation advice and prioritised results.

Make your output more manageable by easily integrating our results with your SIEM systems.

Utilize our audit scheduling and detailed reports to demonstrate a continually assured and operationally resilient network.

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Jun 02

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“What a great software product, it has saved us lots of time and money. If you or your company want to do the same, use Nipper!” Telecommunications Company

Accurate vulnerability audits to manage risk better.

Our accuracy lets you reduce false positives and negatives whilst providing detailed configuration audits of firewalls, switches and routers. You can strengthen and secure your vital network devices.

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Intelligently validate your security and compliance.

Paws accurately analyses the build configurations of your workstations, laptops and servers against your industry standards to help you evidence compliance, prioritize fixes and secure your devices.

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