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Nipper – Updating NVD Resources

The National Vulnerability Database (NVD) is a U.S. government repository of data relating to vulnerability management. The National Vulnerability Database files stored within Nipper are updated with each release. However, users who want to have absolutely up-to-the-minute updates can add NVD files manually through Nipper's Resource Manager.

To add an NVD file manually, you will first need to have the file on your machine or device. NVD files can be downloaded from the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology, at the following URL:


For example the file nvdcve-1.1-2022.json is found at: 


This will download a zip file containing only the NVD file in question.

Alternatively, a list of each NVD can be found here.

To add the NVD file to Nipper, open the Resource Manager by clicking on Manage Resources in the Tools menu.

The NVD files currently included are listed in the resource manager in the NVD group.

If you are replacing an NVD file, you will first need to remove the old one, as the Resource Manager will not let you add a new file with the same name. Click on View Details for the file in question and click Remove.

To add the new file, click on New Resource to open the Add Resource wizard. Select the NVD resource type and click Next

From here, you can select Add File or Add Directory. Add File will open a file explorer dialog and allow you to select the single NVD file you wish to add to Nipper. Add Directory will open a file explorer dialog and allow you to select a folder of NVD files to be added to Nipper.

Once you have added the NVD files you require, click Next to begin adding these files to Nipper. Once this process finishes, you should see the screen below.

Vulnerability Audits run from Nipper will now include your custom NVD files.