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The benefits of integrating Titania Nipper with SIEM systems

Titania Nipper is an industry-leading cybersecurity auditing tool used to identify vulnerabilities in firewalls, switches, and routers. Organizations can perform and automate powerful device configuration and vulnerability audits, measuring compliance against leading cybersecurity benchmarks. A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system is crucial to identifying and correcting security issues in a network, aggregating audit and log data into visualizations and alerts. SIEM systems centralize data from a range of different sources and offer a great way to aggregate, visualize, and scrutinize audit data.

Titania Nipper can integrate with your existing SIEM system, creating data-rich dashboards to track and ensure compliance. Integration helps organizations understand and correlate the accurate audit data produced by Titania Nipper. By aggregating and visualizing Nipper report data, organizations can gain high-level and detailed insights into network vulnerabilities and cybersecurity compliance, filtering down to alert users as to which issues are most at risk

The benefits of integrating Titania Nipper into your SIEM system include:

  • Aggregate audit results and log records in one dashboard to pinpoint security issues.

  • Visualize key information from aggregated audit data.

  • Support compliance and security reporting with real-time visualizations.

  • Drill down to exact issues and recommended fixes by prioritization of risk.

Splunk integration with Nipper

Splunk and Titania Nipper integration means that network and security audit data and high-level reporting are all in one place. Nipper’s accurate network device audits can be aggregated within Splunk, helping organizations remediate issues and track compliance. Explore this rich audit data through different filters to gain an understanding of security posture and the level of risk to your organizations.

Splunk integration makes auditing and analysis across different Risk Management Frameworks and Security Controls straightforward. Splunk dashboards provide powerful visualizations of Nipper audit data, and also give the ability to explore the precise details. Filter by categories of error, understand how specific network devices are impacted, and explore in detail how to mitigate network issues.

The Titania Nipper App for Splunk connects Splunk with Nipper audit data for accurate network device visualizations. Aggregating large volumes of auditing information into Splunk or the Titania Nipper App for Splunk provides an accurate basis for visualizing network device information in a number of ways for a variety of compliance and security reports. Download the Nipper and Splunk integration guide for more information.

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Elastic integration with Nipper

Combining Titania’s accurate reporting capability with Elastic’s powerful technology stack allows large networks to accurately audit and analyze their devices across the whole organization. Elastic can aggregate Nipper audit reports from large networks, making analysis of complex data straightforward. Nipper reports can be exported in a JSON format, so report data can be ingested into Elasticsearch or through Elastic Logstash. Once ingested, Nipper report data can be transformed into visualizations. Elastic’s dashboards and visualizations bring high-level insight to the aggregated device reports.

Through the Kibana dashboard, Nipper audit data can be filtered, examined, and explored from different angles. Organizations can make informed decisions beyond what could be achieved by analyzing individual reports. Dashboards help organizations measure levels of compliance and create clear project milestones. Organizations can download a step-by-step guide to Nipper and Elastic integration, making configuration easy.

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Accelerating compliance with Titania Nipper and SIEM

Titania Nipper can audit network devices, such as firewalls, switches and routers against a range of cybersecurity benchmarks. Data is mapped against specific controls from different Risk Management Frameworks. Nipper reports include assessments against Security Audits best practice, CIS Benchmarks, PCI DSS requirements, NIST 800-171 controls, and the CMMC standard. Use reports to measure and prove compliance, solve vulnerabilities, and create plans of action to remediate non-compliance. Audit data ingested into a SIEM system can supercharge the compliance process. Organizations can easily analyze high-level aggregated audit data through visualizations. Audits can also be automated, allowing organizations to explore the data in real-time.

Dashboards will be specific to the compliance framework being audited against. This gives organizations a unique insight into the compliance posture. By centralizing audit data within an existing SIEM system, prebuilt dashboards can be adapted, if required, to build even more complex and data rich dashboards and analysis. Users can create visualizations that best fit the organization’s existing reporting structure.

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Demonstrating CMMC compliance with Nipper

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a cybersecurity requirement that defense contractors must meet. It’s the new standard for both US Department of Defense contractors and subcontractors.

Titania Nipper will quickly and accurately audit core network devices against this standard. Organizations can identify significant problem areas through heatmap dashboards and understand areas of non-compliance in terms of severity. Nipper will outline the total number of CMMC practice issues, the impact of non-compliance, and the ease of fix. Organizations can ingest this data within their SIEM system, utilizing enhanced compliance visualizations and reporting.

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Demonstrating PCI compliance with Nipper

Compliance with the Payment Card Insurance Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a must for any organization that stores or processes payment card data. Titania Nipper analyzes the configurations and interactions of your network infrastructure against PCI DSS requirements, highlighting any issues or vulnerabilities.

Nipper will help organizations quickly identify problem areas by outlining the severity and title of the issues, the level of impact, and the steps needed to achieve compliance. Nipper reports also provide a breakdown of individual PCI DSS requirements across different devices.

PCI DSS audit reports can be ingested directly into your SIEM system. Aggregate the data to explore compliance with each control and create detailed visualizations to help the journey to compliance.

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Demonstrating NIST 800-171 compliance with Nipper

Compliance with NIST 800-171 is a requirement for any organization that processes Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) on behalf of the US government. This is often organizations like defense contractors, service providers, or research institutes. Titania Nipper can automate the accurate assessment of 31 core network controls outlined by NIST 800-171.

Heatmaps show the different devices and family of controls to help identify problem areas. Any failed controls are also identified alongside specific details of non-compliance, all of which are detailed in one place. Nipper reports can be used to create a plan of action to remediate any issues and can also be used to demonstrate compliance.

By integrating this rich data within a current SIEM system, defense contractors can streamline their approach to achieving compliance. With plans of action being such an important aspect of NIST 800-171, visualizations and aggregated insights help provide a clear roadmap to compliance.

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Integrate Titania Nipper with your SIEM system

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