Automate the assessment of 89% of NIST 800-171 core network controls

Our NIST 800-171 Automation Summary, gives you a complete view of the 31 core network device controls across 8 control families that can be accurately assessed with Titania Nipper. Discover how you can integrate this accurate audit data into your SIEM to support NIST 800-171 compliance. Complete the form to download your Automation Summary today.

Helping federal contractors determine and demonstrate NIST 800-171 compliance

  • Automate the accurate assessment 89% of 800-171 core network controls
  • Demonstrate 113 Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) points, 36% of the total points needed for full 800-171 compliance.
  • Automate the accurate assessment of over 90% of CMMC security practices related to core network devices


Integrating with SIEM systems such as Elastic and Splunk, Titania Nipper can quickly give you a high-level view of your compliance.

  • Create informative dashboards
  • Quickly pinpoint problem areas
  • Save up to three hours per device audit
  • Automate 31 core network control checks across 8 Control Families

Audit every device accurately, every time

  • Customized auditing - Device configuration audit, Security audit, Vulnerability audit, Compliance audits
  • Accurate reporting - Easy to read reports written in plain English, Machine consumable outputs
  • Scheduling and integration - Audit scheduling (with re-audit function), Inbuilt redaction, SIEM Integration
  • Remediation advice - Exact technical fixes, Typical 'Time to fix' report
  • Risk prioritization - Mitigation classification table, Customization CVSS rating