To use Nipper to audit your devices against the CMMC security practices that you need to comply with requires some manual configuration. To set up your audit, please refer to the ‘How to audit CMMC with Nipper’ guide. This ‘Interpreting your Nipper Report’ guide is designed to help you drill down into the report that Nipper generates from the audit you have set up and run. Using this guide, you can quickly find the results you are looking for in your report to demonstrate compliance with each of the CMMC security practices that Nipper supports. Where Nipper detects a non-compliance with the security standard you have configured, the report will provide you with the recommended remediation and exact technical fixes required to reach the level of compliance required.

This guide does not contain the full list of checks performed by Nipper, instead it focuses on the checks that will help you perform a CMMC assessment. Click the image below to download.

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