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Nipper Cisco Nexus Guide

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There is one recommended method of extracting the configuration from your Cisco Nexus Devices. This guide outlines the Console/SSH/Telnet method:

Using SSH, Telnet Or The Console

For this procedure you will be using the Command Line Interface (CLI) of your Cisco device using an SSH client (such as OpenSSH or Putty), Telnet or through the console port. We would recommend using either SSH (for remote connections) or using a direct connection to the console port. Telnet provides no encryption of the communications and therefore your authentication credentials and configuration would be vulnerable if a malicious user were to monitor your connection.

  1. Connect to the Cisco using your favorite SSH client, Telnet or a direct console connection.
  2. Log on using your administration authentication credentials.
  3. Execute the following CLI command and capture the output (possibly using the cut and paste facility):

  4. Save the captured output to a .txt file and remove any visible page lines (i.e. -More-).