Titania Risk Assessment Tool is a free to use piece of software, which helps organisations take their first steps towards safer networks. Inspired by the creation of the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Standard, the tool quickly audits your computer systems against a series of 21 best practice checks, and gives you simple to follow advice, so you can fix them.

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The Risk Assessment Tool is quick and easy to use. Once installed on your machine, it follows these simple steps:

  1. The Tool will look at what machines can be found on your network.
  2. You choose machines you would like to assess, and enter any login details for them.
  3. The Risk Assessment Tool will connect to each of those machines over the network and assess them for the risks.
  4. A personalised report on the risks will be created for you, including advice on what to do to fix any security issues found.

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“The Risk Assessment Tool was really easy to use, even for a non-technical person. The report helped us to be proactive in speaking to our IT Support provider about how they could help us improve our security” Operations Manager at a Training Company

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