Establishing a defendable network with accurate configuration & vulnerability management and playbook controlled auto-remediation

Security from Compliance

United States Government’s core networks are complex, change frequently, and need to be assured daily. This requires a risk-focused approach to vulnerability assessment that is accurate, timely, and scalable in order to deliver trusted, continuous monitoring across the enterprise. However, existing solutions generate excessive false positives, causing alert fatigue.

As well as exhausting SOC/NOC resources, the current solutions do not adequately focus on risk. This means compliance assurance evidence is often inadequate, inconsistent and cannot be completely trusted. As a result, RMF compliance is not yet improving security and Mission resilience adequately so mean time to remediate (MTTR) remains excessive.

Harnessing 25 years of pentest and configuration management expertise, Titania Enterprise solves these problems. By accurately identifying ease and impact of exploitation for each vulnerability it detects, Titania Enterprise also identifies the ease of fix – and automatically prioritizes remediation by Risk criticality. Titania Enterprise then provides remediation recommendations and exact technical fixes to address all identified risks and improve MTTR – enabling playbook controlled auto-remediation when integrated with SOAR solutions.

As well as integrating with your enterprise technology, Titania provides dashboards and reports that give network operators evidence on the security posture of all devices alongside compliance assurance (including DISA RMF, DHS CDM, NIST and CMMC) - delivering security from compliance.

Continuous risk and remediation prioritization

Horizontally scalable, and integrated with your SOC/NOC tools, Titania Enterprise automates both the detection and remediation of network vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, to significantly improve MTTR, reduce the attack surface and ensure devices stay secure:

Network Device Audit:

Firewalls | Switches | Routers | SD-WAN | SD-LAN | NFV  

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Compliance Awareness and Assurance

NIST 800-53 (94% of core network controls)
STIG (compliance for CCRIs etc.)
NIST 800-171 (89% of core network controls)
CMMC (42 controls across 9 domains)

Continuously monitoring the security posture of your devices, Titania Enterprise provides the evidence needed to assure core network Risk Management Framework compliance – providing accurate risk reporting for Department of Defense, Civilian Agencies, Defense Industrial Base and the USG supply chain.

Playbook controlled auto-remediation

Your roadmap to playbook-controlled auto-remediation:

1. Detect: Gain continuous visibility of vulnerabilities - Automate accurate line-by-line configuration analysis to detect all misconfigurations/vulnerabilities and determine exact technical fixes/remediation recommendations.
2. Analyze Risk: Strategically prioritize by risk and remediation - Automatically assess each misconfiguration/vulnerability's impact to the network, ease of exploitation, and ease of fix to prioritize remediation action by security and mission risk.
3. Report: Evidence security posture and assure compliance - Generate dashboards and detailed reports to provide credible and timely evidence of RMF compliance and assure the network.
4. Remediate: Expedite mean time to remediate (MTTR) - Playbook-controlled misconfiguration remediation establishes a defendable core network as the foundational component of zero trust architecture.

Establish a defendable core network

DISA Technology Exchange Meeting 

Titania CEO Phil Lewis, and CTO Keith Driver, discussed the criticality and challenges of establishing a defendable core network at the DISA TEM in May 2021.

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Automate supply chain risk management with Titania

The US government depends on its supply chain and non-federal service providers to undertake a range of responsibilities in support of federal agencies. Compliance with cybersecurity standards, such as NIST SP 800-171 and SP 800-172, together with CMMC, enhances the cybersecurity posture of the supply chain and, by extension, increases security of government networks and information. Titania solutions are designed to capture accurate and detailed compliance evidence against these standards, enabling informed, risk-based SCRM decision-making, as well as providing remediation recommendations. 

Titania’s proven accuracy is trusted by 30+ Federal Agencies: