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Relay Security Group LLC talk about how using Nipper Studio has helped the company to exceed clients’ expectations.

The Challenge

Over the many years in performing consulting services, our primary challenges are to assist clients in finding and addressing vulnerabilities that can create single path points of failure within their infrastructure. We help them to determine the best path to address these vulnerabilities, while ensuring that there is a minimal impact to their environment. Furthermore, these strategic, operational and tactical goals must be met in a timely fashion and within budget.

The Solution

To meet these challenges Relay has, over time, used the Nipper solution to enable automating the process of identifying network vulnerabilities. Nipper detects everything from network communication flow issues to vulnerabilities that exist within the network equipment such as routers, switches and firewalls. Furthermore, Nipper has helped us find previously unknown network segments or points of access for our clients. These have all been achieved in a timely and efficient manner due to the tool’s ability to evaluate information and clearly report them in a concise fashion. Suffice it to say, this is a must-have tool for every information security professional.

Business Results

Using Nipper Studio has helped us to exceed our clients’ expectations from both a technical and business perspective

Nipper Studio has enabled us to reduce the overall cost of delivering an engagement on time and within budget.

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Relay Security Group (Relay) is owned and operated by information security professionals that previously led Symantec Corporation’s Global Power and Energy Consulting practice. Our Consultants have over 12 years of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment experience. They also have over 9 years of experience performing evaluations of utilities’ corporate and control infrastructures. Our mission is to assist our clients in determining their current information security posture, as well as their level of readiness to meet current industry standards and regulations.