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Manhattan Area Technical College discuss how Nipper Studio is used for training purposes.

Why is Nipper Studio beneficial to demonstrate to students?

There are multiple courses that are part of the INT program with emphasis on network and server management and security. We felt that Nipper provided an excellent solution for vulnerability auditing of network devices. The reports are comprehensive and great for explaining the pre and post assessment of the equipment to end users with little or no technical expertise.

How do you use Nipper Studio for training purposes?

We teach Nipper as a powerful audit tool for network devices. In the fourth semester students design and build an enterprise network that provides all the services that a large corporate network would have. This includes live connection to the internet, so they must provide the same security level that would be expected by the larger corporations.

How have the students reacted to using Nipper Studio?

The students appreciate the speed of the program and love the format of the reports. The use of the ratings scale is also good, and the best part is the recommendations section gives them mitigation suggestions. By giving the students the opportunity to work with the current products that they will be able to use when they enter employment, they are ready to do work from the first day.

How has using Nipper Studio aided your teaching?

Nipper is another tool to make our job easier. We want our students to work with current and emerging technologies. We work with live projects not simulations and the students must protect our equipment just as they would on the job.

Education Benefits

Ease of use                                                                                    

Comprehensive reports                                                                          

Mitigation recommendations


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