First Base Technologies discuss how Nipper allows them to automate a process that would otherwise be a "lengthy and painstaking task".

First Base Technologies provides information security consultancy and testing services to both commercial organisations and government. Founded in 1989, we pride ourselves on being ethical, pragmatic and professional, delivering quality services on time and within budget. The independence of our advice is guaranteed, since we have no commercial involvement in product sales or installation.

 The challenge 

Clients often ask us to review the configuration and security of their switches, routers and firewalls. It is a lengthy and painstaking task to do this manually, especially for large organisations with large networks. As a result, it was not cost effective to review more than a small sample of an organisation’s infrastructure.

 The solution

Nipper allows us to automate much of the review process, giving a massive time saving without compromising the quality and accuracy of our results. This means we can offer our clients a broader service and still stay within their budget. The net result is a comprehensive review of a large infrastructure for a realistic fee.

Their business benefit 

Nipper has presented us the opportunity to expand our security reviews at a realistic price.

Our clients can now afford to have the security of all their infrastructure devices checked, rather than just a sample.

Using Nipper, we can provide a more consistent and accurate set of results, irrespective of the manufacturer or model of the device under review.