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Advanced Info Solutions, Inc. discuss how using Nipper Studio has allowed the company to have a faster turnaround on work, take on more tasks and charge extra for added services. All of which have provided more revenue for the company. 

The Challenge

As infrastructures became more complex, clients saw the value of creating segregated VLANs internally that could provide greater security by creating trusted vs. un-trusted zones. With the complex design came larger and more complex rule sets. One of the challenges was being able to accurately audit the firewalls and routers/switches that created and protected those zones using different interfaces. We also needed to provide the client with a list of weaknesses and remediation items that could be made to further strengthen their environments.  

The Solution

After evaluating several products, we settled on Nipper Studio. It offered a very unique way to provide clients with an easy-to-read security audit report, with severity ratings and remediation steps. We found the reports to be very accurate. The severity ranking and proposed solutions allowed us to provide upper management with a prioritized approach to further securing the environment. Additionally, Nipper provides us with a way to output the rule sets into CSV tables so it is easy to import into Microsoft Excel. Excel allows us to sort and filter by different criteria (source, destination, and interface) as well as colour code rows or cells for easy reference. This level of detail allows us to explain to the technical team why there are weaknesses in the rule sets and exactly what these issues are. The improvements from Nipper version 1 to Studio added value to an already great tool. Nipper Studio clearly exceeded expectations as a product.

Business Results

This allows us to have a prioritized approach to securing the environment.

Easy output of rule set details allow us to provide detailed and value-added services such as rule set interpretation, weaknesses, sorting and filtering.

Because Nipper allows us to process rule sets faster and more easily with more detail and value, we are able to turn work around faster, take on more work and charge more for the value-added services. All of this provides more revenue for the company. 


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