SSL Scanner | Titania

SSLScan determines what ciphers are supported on SSL-based services, such as HTTPS. Furthermore, SSLScan will determine the prefered ciphers of the SSL service.


SSLScan requires the GNU C compiler and the OpenSSL library. Both of these are usually installed by default on a number of Linux distributions. Although this program has not been tested on other platforms it should work if the requirements have been met.


To build SSLScan, first extract the archive and change into the source directory. Then execute the following command:

gcc -lssl -lcrypto -o sslscan sslscan.c

On Apple Mac OS X you will need to install the ports version of OpenSSL as the version that comes with your Mac is missing a few things. So if you don't already have ports installed, download it from You can install the latest OpenSSL using the following command:

sudo port install openssl

SSL Scan can then be built using the following command:

gcc -I/opt/local/include -L/opt/local/lib -lssl -lcrypto -o sslscan sslscan.c