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"Around 80% of cyber attacks could be prevented if businesses put simple security controls in place"

Cyber Security Boost for UK Firms Press Release by Gov.UK 16th January 2015


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Why Use RAT?

Titania’s FREE Risk Assessment Tool is designed to do three key things:

1. Enable you to find and fix key information security risks posed to your business

2. Automate a significant portion of the systems compliance checks needed to achieve the Cyber Essentials* certification outlined by HM Government

3. Help you build a solid basis for securing your information, based on industry and government best practice.

Our information security solutions, Nipper Studio and Paws Studio, help defend over 16 million end users in some of the worlds most prestigious oganizations. Our Risk Assessment Tool utilises our existing technology and expertise in order to help you take the first step towards securing your systems. 

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*Cyber Essentials, the inspiration for our Risk Assessment Tool, is a Government-backed and industry supported scheme to guide businesses in protecting themselves from cyber threats. It is derived from years of research on business breaches - which resulted in practical, easy to implement actions removing up to 80% of your cyber risk. 

What Does It Check?

The auto-run feature should be disabled

The personal firewall feature should be enabled

Windows Explorer data execution prevention feature should be enabled

The minimum password length should be 8 characters

The maximum password age should be 60 days

Passwords should be forced to conform to the set complexity standard

Passwords should not be stored using reversible encryption

Unused user accounts should be disabled or removed

The screen saver should be enabled

The screen saver should be password protected

The screen saver timeout should be no more than 10 minutes

Anti-virus software should be installed

Anti-virus software should be up to date

Notify anti-virus software when opening attachments

Anti-spyware software should be installed

Anti-spyware software should be up to date

The latest operating system patches and security updates should be automatically installed

Opt-in for Microsoft Product updates

Operating system should be supported

Default Router administration passwords should be changed

Access to the Router administration interface should be restricted

How Does It Work?

Titania’s Risk Assessment Tool automates the process of checking your systems over the network from your PC. Once you have launched the software you are only a couple of clicks away from identifying the risks.

  1. RAT will identify what systems are attached to your network.

  2. You choose which systems you would like to assess, and enter any login details for them.

  3. RAT will connect to each of those systems over the network and assess them for the risks.

  4. A personalised report on the risks, including recommendations, will be created by RAT for you. 

risk assessment tool risk assessment tool risk assessment tool


Example Report

Here is a preview of the type of report that is generated by running the Risk Assessment Tool.

Why not view the full report and have a read through by clicking on the image below? 

System Requirements



Microsoft Windows XP or above (Server 2003 to Server 2012 R2)

  • 200MB disk space
  • 1GB memory

Audit Parameters:

The Risk Assessment Tool audits Windows laptops, desktops and servers connected to your LAN (Local Area Network). In practice this means it would normally audit approx. 250 devices.

Paws Studio is available for more complex, enterprise environments which need support for: 

    A wide number of operating systems
    Larger / Multi-site networks
    Multiple scheduling scripting and integration options

A free trial of Paws Studio is available here

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