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Paws Studio Licensing

Paws Studio’s licensing is simple and flexible, to suit your network auditing requirements. Plus our per-device pricing means that your license can grow with you and scales to fit your network, no matter the size.

Our customers find it perfect for:

  • One Off Auditing - for time saving and enhanced reporting during Penetration Test configuration reviews

  • Ad Hoc Reporting as and when you choose - e.g. when configuration changes happen

  • Continual Auditing - by using the command line scripting options

Flexible Per-Device Licensing

Our per-device licensing model means that you can choose a package to suit the size of your network. You can purchase any number of devices (from our starter pack upwards) and add extra devices as your network grows.

Devices (physical or virtual) are allocated to your licenses when the device is first audited, then you can audit this device as many times as you like during your subscription.

So if you purchased a 100 device license you could audit a total of 100 different devices throughout the year. It’s that simple!


Paws Studio is licensed by a 1, 2 or 3 year subscription.

With multiple year subscriptions the License Key is re-set at the start of each subscription year (so you can audit different devices in years 2 & 3). You can also benefit from license cost savings for multiple year subscriptions (to see pricing options scroll to the bottom of the page).

Types of License

We have two types of license model, Enterprise and Auditor, and the pricing is the same for both. Just let us know which one suits you best.

Enterprise License

This is for the auditing your own networks, or for the provision of managed services e.g. subsidiary companies.

Auditor License

This license is for use when auditing third party owned systems (with their permission) e.g. Penetration Test reviews or external companies.

Free Trial

We also offer a free, non-commercial trial License. With this license you can audit 2 devices over a 30 day period so that you can be sure that Paws Studio is right for you.   

Paws Studio Reporting

Paws Studio has a range of reporting options to help you achieve your compliance goals quickly and easily. In a few simple clicks you will see how compliant you are with your own policies and you can check against the most trusted information security standards in the world.  

Your Policy 

Paws Studio can audit against any policy. Using our simple Policy Editor you can input any checks that you need to, or edit the pre-defined polices below to suit your security requirements. A customized report is generated in seconds so you can quickly start protecting your systems.  

Configuration Audit 

This is a detailed report showing how your machine has been configured. If you want a quick and clear view of your current device settings, this is the report for you.  

OVAL Vulnerability & Compliance Assessments 

This audit will check against the publicly available security and compliance issues hosted by OVAL (Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language). Once security issues are made public they are an even bigger risk. This report will quickly help you find and plug these holes.


Here you can produce a report against the U.S. Military DISA STIG Checklist. Nipper Studio is favoured by many Government and Defense agencies because reports can be generated securely offline and scaled up to audit any number of devices. 


The United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) is a federal compliance policy that provides guidance on what should be done to improve and maintain effective configuration settings for Information Technology products. Paws Studio guides you through the process, allowing you to answer non-automatable checks through questionnaires. The software will make recommendations, where possible, to help you further understand what it expected.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is an industry-backed Government Scheme, which could reduce up to 80% of basic cyber risk to your business. Paws Studio enables you to audit against all Cyber Essentials checks, most of which are automated. As part of the latest update, you can now also answer non-automatable checks through interactive questionnaires, to help you achieve Cyber Essentials compliance.

NSA 2013 Guidelines 

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) security guidelines are trusted all over the world as an authority on information security. With input from many security experts, this will offer a great insight into how your machines are configured. 


The SANS institute is a trusted industry body which also trains information security professionals. Their policy is used all over the world as a security benchmark, why not use this report to see how your defenses stack up? 


The CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks are a set of consensus-based security configuration guides that are gaining an important role in shaping policies and decisions. Developed and accepted by government, industry and academia, the CIS standards now encompass compliance requirements of other industry policies such as FISMA, PCI, HIPAA and more. Paws Studio can audit your devices in line with the CIS baseline and produce reports externally certified by CIS.

NERC CIP-007-4 Systems Security Management   

The NERC standard provides requirements for Critical National Infrastructure Protection (CIP). Mandatory for CIP providers in the U.S.A., this standard is used across the world as a benchmark for protecting the most sensitive networks in the world.  


This is an audit against the Payment Card Industry policy. If you need to comply with this standard, the report will quickly complete the automatable checks, explain where and why you have passed or failed and offer advice to help you become compliant.


Gather critical data in seconds to keep your systems secure and compliant

Paws Studio uses the most trusted cyber security standards in the world to test and improve your compliance quickly and easily, helping you stay as secure as possible.

Take the first steps towards better security.

With your free trial, you can start using Paws Studio right now.



Paws Studio Supported Devices & System Requirements

System Requirements

microsoft windows

Microsoft Windows 7 or above (Server 2008 R2 or above)

  • 400MB disk space
  • 2GB memory

macOS Sierra or above

  • 600MB disk space
  • 2GB memory

GNU/Linux (RHEL, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, openSuSE)

  • 600MB disk space
  • 2GB memory

Supported Devices

windows 10windows 8windows 7windows vistawindows xpwindows server 12windows server 2008windows server 2003
  apple   fedoraubuntuopensusecentoscentos

Paws Studio Policy Editor

The public and private sector are littered with different security standards, some recommended and some required. However these pre-defined checklists are not ideal for everyone and don’t always address your specific security concerns or weaknesses.

For this reason we developed the Paws Studio Policy Editor.

Our Policy Editor is a unique tool within Paws Studio that enables you to add any series of checks to make up a policy, completely defined by you. This is perfect for:

  • Producing fast reports against personalised security policies.

  • Modifying pre-defined policies to reflect what matters to you, or enhancing the existing policies by adding extra checks.

  • Checking for zero day exploits. As soon as you hear about a new vulnerability you can add the check and make sure you’re not exposed.

There is a handy and user friendly wizard for uploading the checks which takes you through the process step by step, with all the usual built in support that customers have come to expect. If you are a more confident user then you can use the simple editor or edit the XML.  

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