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Nipper Studio has a wealth of different report options to fit your auditing needs.

Whether you are striving to become compliant with an industry standard or to your own security targets, Nipper Studio’s reports can help you achieve your goal quickly and easily.

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Perform a "best practice" security audit (combining multiple industry checks). Use rating systems and mitigation advice to prioritize and plan your fixes.

Detailed configuration reporting, including information such as: filtering, routing protocols, administration services & more. This report offers a quick, clear view of your device settings.

Audit against global public vulnerability repositories such as the:
US Govt NVD (National Vulnerability Database) & the NIST CVE (Common Vulnerability and Exposures) databases. Security issues in the public domain are even easier to exploit, this report helps you quickly find and plug these holes.

The CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmark reports, can be run against Cisco ASA & Cisco IOS Devices. These reports have been externally certified by CIS and verified as auditing against their baseline.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) audits, perform the automatable system checks and support integrating this verified data with non-automatable policy checks. Results offer detailed advice, verifying passes and explaining failures, so you can quickly become compliant. 

U.S. Military STIG compliance audit developed in conjunction with DoD IA user groups. Nipper Studio is favored by many Government and Defense agencies because reports are detailed, verifiable and include remediation in line with STIG baselines. Reports can be generated offline for secure environments and scaled up to audit any number of devices.

A compliance audit against the SANS policy documents. The SANS institute is a trusted industry body which also trains information security professionals. Their policy is a great compliance benchmark to audit against in order to assess your security level.